Operation Spilt Vodka

This will be the Capitalist Army’s first major operation of 2018. Its name will be Operation: Spilt Vodka.

The objective of this operation is as follows: Sow the seeds of dissent within Russian Politics, specifically against Vladimir Putin, and cause Russia to claim that the United States meddled in their elections.

Your instructions to conduct in this operation are simple:

#1: Find a good-looking Russian broad to portray yourself as. Any mail-order bride or modelling site will do just fine, so long as she looks eastern european enough.

#2: Work out a good name for said identity you will be going by. It can’t be that difficult to work out a name, however I believe there’s a difference in naming between men and women’s last names in Russia, so keep that in mind.

#3: Sign up on any social media site you can using these identities. Regular mainstream social media like Facebook will work, however if you truly wish to strike directly at the Ruskis, go on sites like VK.com. It should be a very simple sign-up process.

#4: Make anti-putin and anti-establishmentย posts on your platform(s) of choice. Preferably, make use of memes, and as an example of a talking point, make reference to Putin’s immense wealth he’s attained through his leadership. To write these posts convincingly, be sure to use Google Translate or some other English to Russian translator.

This is a very simple operation, and one that does not require that much organization. However, any ideas or memes you would like to share would be appreciated. Anything and everything helps.

This is just a taste of what the Capitalist Army has planned for 2018, and if you fear your safety will be jeopardized, by all means, do not partake. However, those of you who wish to continue that spirit of 2016 that brought Donald Trump to the White House, follow this plan.



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