An Introduction to the Election blogs

This post will serve as introduction to anyone curious about the blog posts I will be performing pertaining to the upcoming midterms, and any special elections or primaries in the interim.

As you all know, the 2018 midterms are coming up on the 6th of November. All house seats are up for re-election, and 34 Senate seats are as well.

In this interesting time, it can be difficult to decide what candidates to support, or know which ones are most favorable to Donald Trump and his policies. To that end, I have created this blog with the intention of documenting the best candidates for the Capitalist Army to support. Support for these candidates include making memes and spreading knowledge about the preferred candidate, as well as less favorable info and memes about their opposition.

Within 24 hours of this post, my first article about an upcoming election will go live. I will primarily focus on battleground seats, or seats to watch. I hope you will follow me along for this journey.



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