Arizona Senate Election

This post will cover the upcoming Arizona Senate Election.

As many of you know, this seat was previously held by a rather cucked individual so to speak, Jeff Flake, who went against quite a few of Trump’s bills he attempted to pass through congress. Fortunately, he has decided not to run for re-election in 2018.

This has left many questioning who to support? Right now, the favorites on the Republican side are Martha McSally and Kelli Ward.

Kelli Ward is a former member of the Arizona State Senate, and attempted to run against John McCain in 2016, however she lost in the primaries. Kelli Ward has appeared as very favorable to Trump’s policies, as in 2017 she called Jeff Flake an “open-borders, amnesty loving globalist”. She also put her support behind Sheriff Joe Arpaio when he was pardoned by President Trump.

Her primary opponent, Martha McSally, is a congresswoman representing Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, and has been since 2014. McSally refused to support Donald Trump during the election, primarily regarding the allegations of sexual assault that were hurled Trump’s way during the election. She also appeared iffy on the issue of immigration, primarily after Trump’s temporary travel ban was enacted, stating she had “concerns about certain individuals being denied entry.”

It is for this reason that I recommend members of the Capitalist Army in Arizona to back Kelli Ward, as she appears to be the more likely of the two to stand up for the Trump Train and our values.

When it comes to the Democratic side, the favorite is unclear at this time, but is believed to be Kyrsten Sinema, a congresswoman representing Arizona’s 9th Congressional District. Interestingly, many have claimed she stands on a more centre-left position, potentially breaking further away from the party line than her colleagues. This presents an opportunity for the Capitalist Army to cause a divide between the far-left and moderate left, diluting the vote.

Based on the most recent polls, McSally is the favorite over Ward, however not by much. The Alabama Republican and Democratic primaries are on August 28th, leaving a lot of time for Arizona Capitalists to do something about this.

This is the first of many analysis posts regarding upcoming elections. To keep up to date on the 2018 midterms, follow the blog and follow me on my Gab! Also, please leave comments for feedback.




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