Introduction to Capitalist Army Operations

As many of you are aware, we have been conducting ourselves in Operation: Spilt Vodka (read more here) for the past month or so leading up to the Russian elections that will take place soon. But some have asked about the risks and dangers of such activities, and what will come of these operations? This post will hopefully put to rest some of these questions and fears.

The Capitalist Army has conducted itself in operations going as far back as 2011, when SOPA was threatening our internet freedom. We, collectively as a movement, stopped the government from encroaching on internet freedom (unlike these people who are crying about Net Neutrality). As recent as 2016, the Capitalist Army conducted itself in operations such as The Chalkening and Operation: Barrel Roll.

The Chalkening was a short exercise on April 10th, 2016, where many operatives of the Capitalist Army wrote Trump 2016 and #CapitalistArmy on the grounds of their campuses. Despite only being back for two weeks at best, with little time to prepare, we managed to make the Mainstream Media very easily (read more here).

Operation Barrel Roll was an operation that members of the Capitalist Army conducted itself in during the “Summer of Digital Chaos” (which may be covered in-depth at a later date), where we disguised ourselves as Bernie Sanders supporters in the interest of dividing the Democratic base and exposing Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Based on the voting demographics showing many Bernie supporters refusing to vote, voting third-party or voting Trump, we succeeded in this operation too. These examples prove the power the Capitalist Army can wield when we unite as one force.

Already, in the short time we’ve conducted ourselves in Operation: Spilt Vodka, we have garnered the attention of the Russian government, as they have begun claiming we are meddling in their elections. Due to this, some ask if there is a risk involved when partaking in such activities as these. The answer is yes, as unfortunately very recently a former Russian spy was poisoned by a mysterious white powder mailed to him, just another in the long list of cases of people connected to Russia being poisoned.

However, while there is a risk involved, the people conducting the operations will likely not be the targets, instead people such as Ghost and myself spreading this info will be more likely. And to be honest, the positives (such as mainstream attention) far outweigh the negatives. If it wasn’t risky, it wouldn’t be fun. However, if you feel intimidated or afraid to conduct yourself in these Cloak & Dagger-esque activities, by all means, do not partake. You can perform other, more domestic operations to aid the Trump Train, or if you’re overseas, the Capitalist Revolution.

I hope many of you in the Capitalist Army continue to conduct yourselves in Operation: Spilt Vodka, and await any future operations we may conduct ourselves in. If you’ve ever wanted to troll for a purpose, or wanted to seem important or significant in the grand scheme of things, these tasks are definitely for you.



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