Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District Election

Everyone on the Trump Train should be aware of Trump’s upcoming visit to Pennsylvania on March 10, but the question is: why? The answer is simple, to express support for the Republican candidate in the upcoming special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, a currently vacant seat, meaning there is no current representative for this district.

The seat was previously held by Tim Murphy, who has held this seat since 2002, until he handed in his resignation in October of 2017. The reason for his departure has to do with an admission in September 2017 of an extramartial affair. This was followed with many accusations of him being abusive to his staffers. The seat has been vacant since October 21st of 2017.

The Republican candidate for this race is Rick Saccone, the current representative of Pennsylvania’s 39th Congressional District. He is a strong supporter of gun rights, was in favor of Trump’s tax bill (though sadly was not there to vote on it), implemented a law to combat lobbyists, and is a critic of Government spending. This should all be good news for supporters of the Trump Train, as it means another non-RINO candidate on the ballot this year.

His opponent, the Democratic candidate, is Conor Lamb, an attorney (specifically a prosecutor) in Pittsburgh. Little is known about him due to this being his first foray into politics, however he is a staunch supporter of unions, which poses a great threat to the Republicans in this race. Like all other Democrats, you can bet that if he wins, he will go against 99% of Trump’s agenda.

Current polls have Saccone beating Lamb easily, however the race is tight, a recent poll has Lamb +3, whereas another has Saccone +3. This could change with a little action from the Capitalist Army and from Donald Trump, who thankfully is, as previously mentioned, holding a rally on March 10th to express support for Saccone.

The next article will go live within the next 24 hours, covering another upcoming race and analyzing both sides. As always, feedback is appreciated. Long live the Capitalist Army!


EDIT: Looking for an update? (click here)



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