Rebranding: The Death of the name “Make Australia Great”

If the edits to my Twitter and the Wiki weren’t obvious enough, I am no longer going under the username “Make Australia Great”. Why?

Well, it all started when I first joined Twitter to interact with Ghost and join the Inner Circle. I didn’t want any association with my other accounts for fear of doxing or harassment, so I initially went under the name “FreeM1lo” on Twitter for a short time. That eventually became a useless name when that movement died off after July 2016, so I had to work out a new name, but I couldn’t use my other usernames.

So, in my unoriginality, I settled on “Make Australia Great”, and changed my Twitter to that around September/October 2016. However, confusion occurred when I started using InsaneEnergy on Gab and Discord, making the username I had come up with an artifact name at best, and confusing people at worst.

So now, after a year and a half of going under that name, I have removed all references (barring an acknowledgement that I went under that name) from the wiki and my Twitter/Gab accounts. Part of that decision also has to do with this blog’s naming, as “insaneenergy” as a blog username rolls off the tongue better than “MakeAus” or something like that.

My apologies for not having a more meaningful blog post up today. Rest assured I will be covering something interesting tomorrow to do with an upcoming congressional election. Long live the Capitalist Army!



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