Operation Spilt Vodka Update

Operation Spilt Vodka has been gaining quite a lot of traction over the past few weeks, with Russia themselves now claiming the US is meddling in their election (read more here). This should be taken as a resounding success for all members of the Capitalist Army, as it means we are achieving our goals as it pertains to both causing a divide in Russian politics, as well as gaining notoriety within Russia. Even now, Vladimir Putin’s popularity is slipping, no doubt as a result of what we’ve been spreading (read more here).

On top of this, I had my earlier article detailing Operation Spilt Vodka (read more here) not only be my most successful article to date, but also have it posted on the Russian equivalent of 4chan, 2ch.hk, more specifically the political board, which has led to a lot of traffic to the blog from Russia, putting them as the #1 source of views outside of the US.

The thread screencapped: (google translated)

unknown (4)

Lastly, As a quick followup to my initial instructions, it’s come to my attention that VK requires a text verification in order to sign up. To help with this, there are many sites online that offer free texting without requiring a phone (click here).ย Alternatively, if that doesn’t work, you could simply acquire a burner phone.

Regardless, this should come as great news to all of the Capitalist Army who are conducting themselves in this operation. I apologize for not putting anything out yesterday, but I did 2 articles the day before, the latter of which I was meant to save until yesterday. Rest assured that I will have something interesting up very soon, as well as potentially bringing on a contributor to the site.

Long Live the Capitalist Army!


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