Indiana Senate Election

Indiana is yet another state that Donald Trump won by a tremendous amount during 2016, with it being the first state called on Election Night, yet surprisingly has a Democratic Senator. This is, by all accounts, a very tight race, with it being rated as a “toss-up” by most pundits, and most betting agencies having the odds 50/50. It’s for this reason then, that we should go full throttle and support the best Republican candidate ahead of the May 8th Primary.

So who is the current Republican frontrunner? Well, no-one, surprisingly. All polls have 54% of Republican voters in Indiana undecided on who to vote for in this primary. (read here) However, out of all currently running candidates, the favorite is Todd Rokita.

Todd Rokita is the current representative of Indiana’s 4th District, and has been since 2011. He was in favor of Trump’s temporary travel ban, has an ‘A’ Rating from the NRA and states he is proud of it, supported Trump after the Access Hollywood tape dropped, and voted for Trump’s tax bill in the house.

His opponent is the only Democrat currently on the ballot, the incumbent Joe Donnelly. Joe Donnelly has held this seat since 2013, and prior to that was in the House representing Indiana’s 2nd district.

In terms of his policies, he voted in favor of Dodd-Frank, opposed Trump’s tax bill, was against Trump’s repeal of Obamacare, and was in favor of the BRIDGE bill, which is connected to DACA. Yet, surprisingly, he is one of the few Democrats with an ‘A’ Rating from the NRA due to his strong support of gun rights, and voted against the DREAM Act in 2010.

At this time, no hypothetical polls have been conducted in this race between a Republican and Democratic candidate, and with 54% of all Republicans not in favor of anyone on the ballot at this time, I would not be surprised if I have to revisit this race closer to the Republican Primary, or potentially after, when there’s more information at the ready.

As always, I appreciate criticism and ideas for my next article. I want to take a brief moment to appreciate the traffic this blog has been getting, as today has been my most successful day for this blog so far, with close to 100 page views today alone. Thank you to anyone who has spread this blog around to others, and I will have the next article up ASAP. Long Live the Capitalist Army!


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