Texas 23rd District Analysis

Despite Trump winning the state in spades, Texas’s 23rd District went in favor of Hillary Clinton during the election. However, the incumbent representative for the district is a Republican, and Romney won said district in 2012 by 1 point. This indicates a very divided district, as evidenced by many pundit’s predictions of either “Toss-Up” or “Lean Republican”.

Interestingly, to fans of True Capitalist Radio, this district includes western portions of the city Ghost currently resides in, San Antonio.

The incumbent, Will Hurd, was elected to this seat in 2014, and has held it since. This is his first job in politics, as previously he worked for the CIA from 2000 to 2009. Policy-wise, he was in favor of repealing Obamacare, and questioned the now former FBI Director, James Comey, on his decision to not go after Hillary Clinton regarding her emails.

Disappointingly, he is not on the same page when it comes to immigration, as he criticized both Trump’s plans for a border wall, and his temporary travel ban. This is shocking, as his district resides over a lot of area in Texas that borders with Mexico. This may encourage people on the Trump Train to not support him, but remember that the alternative is much worse.

The alternative being one of two candidates, as the Democratic primary held a few days ago on March 8th has resulted in a run-off, with no candidate reaching 50%. The two candidates that are going to face off on May 22nd in said run-off are Gina Ortiz Jones and Rick Trevino. I will focus on Jones as she far eclipses Trevino in votes, 41% to 17%. Of course, if it turns out that Trevino wins the runoff, I will return to this race with info on him too.

So, who is Gina Ortiz Jones? She worked in the Air Force in Iraq under Bush before becoming an intelligence officer in the Obama Administration. She stayed on in her role under President Trump in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative until June 2017, before quitting. This will be her first foray into politics, and as such, little can be found on her.

However, what I do know regarding her policies is that she is in favor of saving DACA, “protecting” DREAMers, reforming Obamacare, equal pay (likely referring to the wage gap) and “ending discrimination” against LGBT individuals. As such, it is comfortable to assume she falls in line with 99% of Democrats, meaning she will go against Trump’s agenda.

How are the polls in this race? I can’t say for sure yet. As the Democratic party has not properly picked a candidate due to the upcoming runoff, it’s hard to make a hypothetical poll at this stage. I can however say this: Texans showed with the Senate and Gubernatorial elections that they will resist leftist influence, and with the spirit of 2016 behind them, they will do the same thing here.

My next article will likely cover another race, a recap of this blog’s first week, and then I may do a post-mortem on the PA 18th District happening today that I covered earlier this week, which may be very different in tone depending on the outcome (read it here). So a message to all PA Capitalists in that area: Get out and vote for Saccone!

As always, feedback is appreciated, and please keep spreading the blog everywhere, as I have been seeing tremendous growth. Suggestions on a new article to write is also appreciated. Long live the Capitalist Army!


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