1 week on: Capitalist Army Blog Update

Well, as of this post going up, it will have been 1 week since I published this blog. Where does the time go? In that time, I’ve served over 500 page hits and 250+ unique visitors to the site, and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you. This is a side project that I honestly didn’t expect would make it past, say, 50 views in a month, and to see the response I’ve been getting so far is incredible.

And I want to say that if we can pull in 1000 views in this first month of the blog, I will start managing this more often than usual, pay for a premium subscription, and potentially pay for a custom domain name fitting for the Capitalist Army.

Some oddities in the analytics led me to uncover that we had even been posted on the Russian 4chan, 2ch.hk, most specifically the Operation Spilt Vodka article (read here), which has also been my most successful article to date.

Because of this, I will continue delivering content on the scale I’m doing now, and on April 7th, I will update you all on the future of this blog again, whether I’m going to go all the way with it, such as a custom domain and bringing on contributors (as previously mentioned, I have a potential contributor being brought on to the blog very soon), or if I should wind things down a bit. No matter what happens, we’re all here to fight for President Trump and the Trump Train. And above even that, we are the Capitalist Army.

A more in-depth article will come later today. In the meantime, why not check out the PA 18th District results, an election which I covered? (Read here)


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