Missouri Senate Analysis

Missouri is another notable state that has been Republican in the General Elections for a very long time, and yet for some reason has a Democratic Senator. However, the election looks to be a very tough race for the Democratic incumbent to hold their seat.

That incumbent is Claire McCaskill, who has held this seat since 2007. She narrowly won in 2006, but expanded to a large margin in 2012. Fortunately, 2018 seems to be changing that in our favor. During the 2008 and 2016 elections, she supported Obama and Clinton respectively.

Policy-wise, she is in favor of the #MeToo movement/witch hunt, co-sponsored a bill to ban Bump Stocks in 2017, voted for Obamacare back in 2009, and was not on-board with Trump’s tax plan.

On a personal level, she has attempted to posture herself as “middle-class”, even thoughย  at the time she was the 12th richest member of the Senate, being the owner or co-owner of 281 LLCs, LPs and other companies. (read here) As well as this, she utilized taxpayer money to take flights on a private plane, which was also used to campaign for Barack Obama. (Read here)ย Needless to say, this is not a good candidate, and needs to be forced out by the best possible Republican candidate.

The Republican candidate we have is unclear yet, however the favorite to win is Josh Hawley, the incumbent Attorney General of Missouri, having held that position since 2017. Said position is his first foray into politics, but surprisingly, hypothetical polls already have him going up against McCaskill.

Policy-wise, little is known about him, however what we do know is he is running on a populist platform, supports the end of Obamacare, wants to reform immigration and to end welfare to illegal immigrants, defending the Second Amendment/gun rights, and protecting religious liberties (mainly referencing the Christian bakery forced to make a cake for a gay couple)

Pundits have rated this race a “toss-up”, indicating a shift in voters from the aforementioned 2006 and 2012 Senate races, but still a tight race nonetheless. Two hypothetical polls have been conducted, one putting Hawley +4 (read here) and one with McCaskill +1 (read here). This race could go either way, however it’s all dependent on both candidate’s performance in the upcoming primaries on August 7th. In the event Hawley or McCawskill does not win their primary, I will return to this race with new info.

I want to quickly say thank you to everyone and anyone reading or spreading the blog around, as I have seen a tremendous explosion in traffic to this site. Again, this is a 1-man side project, so to see this growth gives me the inspiration to continue, potentially pursuing this even further than I already am.

Also, the PA 18th District Election happened today. Why not check out the article I wrote as we wait for who this election will be called for, or if there’ll be a recount? (Read here)

As always, feedback is appreciated, I am open to constructive criticism, and suggestions for new articles would be great. Long live the Capitalist Army!


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