PA-18: What went wrong?

As we have all no doubt heard by now, Pennsylvania’s 18th District has had its Special Election, which I covered a week or so ago. (read it here) Unfortunately, by all accounts (barring any potential recounts or absentee votes) Rick Saccone has lost to his Democratic challenger, Conor Lamb. So what does this mean, and what went wrong?

First things first: Potential voter fraud. Many PA-18 voters complained on the day of the election that some ballots were mysteriously changing votes from Saccone to Lamb, and we also heard reports of voters being bussed in to Pittsburgh (which is the wrong area, as that’s in the 14th District). I have an image of the former complaint below, and while nothing is proven, given what we saw in 2016, it is very likely that they stole it under our noses given the small margin of victory for Lamb.


Second off, is the simple fact that we lost this much ground and the narrative the media is pushing. Yes, we are down 20 points from the General Election vote, but at the same time, it’s a special election, so of course people will not be energized to go out and vote. This is partially the fault of the voter base in America today.

People just seemingly don’t care about campaigning heavily for these races, and when they’re over (i.e. Alabama Senate), they forget about them in two or so days like it never happened. The only reason Saccone got so close, in my eyes, was because Trump stepped in to help him, and that is completely unacceptable on the side of the Republicans, and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing, to try and spread the information about these races to as many people as possible.

Third and finally: This race doesn’t matter. The area is being re-districted, and both candidates will have a chance to run again in November of this year. The special election only effects the intervening few months, however if the candidates change by the next election, I will write a new article with new info about a new challenger, either on the Republican or Democratic side.

As such, I wouldn’t sweat losing this election too much. Lamb is not a full-blown liberal per se, and likely won’t hold this seat for very long if we can make some momentum back, but voters have got to get off the sidelines and get on the front lines, and the front lines are right outside their doors.

I will have two articles up tonight, another one covering a mid-term election that may not be in too much danger, but is still worth talking about. Every race counts in these elections, as we can’t allow the Democrats to make any significant headway or pull significant upsets.

Once again, thank you to everyone for the explosion of traffic I’ve been seeing. To recap it, I wrote an article yesterday talking about 1 week of this blog going up. (read here) As always, feedback is much appreciated, so are comments and/or suggestions for a new article to write, and until the next article, I’m signing off. Long live the Capitalist Army!


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