Texas 2nd District Analysis

This article was suggested by Pickles the Drummer.

Just because a race is listed as “Safe Republican” doesn’t mean it’s not worth covering, so in saying that, know that this race has a 99% chance of going in favor of the Republicans. Stopping the Democrats from making significant headway and learning a thing or two about the opposing candidates is important, however.

As for the important info, the seat is currently held by Ted Poe, who has held this seat since 2004. In 2018, he did not file for re-election, meaning a fresh candidate on the Republican side has to be chosen. In terms of policy, Poe was in favor of stronger immigration laws, voted to repeal Obamacare in 2017, and introduced bills against Human Trafficking, which passed overwhelmingly in the Senate and House.

There are currently two Republican candidates heading to a runoff on May 22nd, with it being a very close race from all angles. The two candidates are Kevin Roberts and Daniel Crenshaw.

Kevin Roberts is a current member of the Texas House of Representatives, being elected in 2016. Policy-wise, he is in favor of cracking down on immigration, implementing a ban on Sanctuary Cities, is pro-Second Amendment (and by his page, cut the License to Carry Fee in Texas from $140 to $40), and in favor of rebuilding and supporting the military.

Daniel Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye to an IED in Afghanistan. This will be his first foray into politics. Going by his policies and issues, he is much the same to Roberts and is in favor of much of Trump’s agenda, such as the aforementioned immigration, Second Amendment and military issues, as well as other ones such as Foreign Policy on places like North Korea.

Is there a favorite ahead of the runoff? I honestly cannot see Texas going wrong with either candidate, however Crenshaw was critical of the older people being elected, saying they need to make “conservatism cool and exciting again”, possibly taking a jab at the establishment and career politicians.

The Democratic opponent in this race is Todd Litton, which outside of some minor jobs and being a delegate for Kerry and Obama in 2004 and 2008 respectively, this will be his first major step into politics.

Being a Democrat, he is pretty much what you’d expect: in favor of DACA, trying to cut down on the “wage gap”, implementing gun laws that encroach on the Second Amendment, and a believer in “global warming” (though not climate change, which I thought replaced global warming years ago). Many can expect that if he wins by some small chance, he will go against Trump’s agenda heavily.

This race is, as previously mentioned, rated by pundits as “Safe Republican”. However, we cannot allow the Democrats to gain any significant amount of ground in this race, nor can we allow some shock upset to occur while our backs are turned. It’s for this reason then that I will be covering more races that may seem like likely Republican seats, but still need care and attention.

If you’re bored, why not check out the other article I did on another Texas House race? (click here) Also, I did a post-mortem article on the PA-18 election today here: (click here) As always, feedback is appreciated, and new ideas for articles are too, which this article was built off of. Thank you to Pickles the Drummer again for this idea, and long live the Capitalist Army!


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2 thoughts on “Texas 2nd District Analysis

  1. Another heavily gerrymandered district that is deliberately stopping at the borders of some “unsavory” areas of Houston. It covers quite a few of the upscale suburbs of the Houston metro area, especially Spring, Humble and Kingwood. There’s no surprise at all that it’s a “Safe Republican” seat.


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