Previous Capitalist Army Operations

As I’ve described multiple times on this blog, Operation Spilt Vodka (read here) (and here) is well underway, now more than ever with the Russian elections occuring and, as an unfortunate side effect, Cold War II beginning. But some have asked me, since I didn’t explain it fully in the operations introduction post (read here): What is the Capitalist Army’s background in their operations?

We could go back to 2011/2012, but then we’d be here all day, so I’ll just stick to a select few things we conducted ourselves in throughout 2016, starting with the very first thing we did upon Ghost’s return almost 2 years ago now: #LeaveHimHeidi.

#LeaveHimHeidi was a political hashtag we caused to trend on Twitter, mostly to strike back at Ted Cruz for his recent comments about then-candidate Trump, specifically targeting his wife, whose relationship with Ted had been, by all accounts, on the rocks. We conducted ourselves in this for a few shows, before moving on to bigger things.

Such as the uncovering of John Kasich’s seemingly gay lover, Donald Thibaut, his former Chief-of-Staff that lived with him in a townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia for many years, with no explanation for doing so. Our bombarding of his twitter account led to him locking it down, and it’s stayed locked down to this very day.

Small potatoes compared to uncovering the D.C. Madam’s list, of course. The D.C. Madam’s escort service was big in Washington with many bureaucrats and politicians no doubt, and upon Ghost releasing the list of numbers of people who used the service he had acquired over his Twitter account, the man who inspired me to start this blog, Thegodofrage, went into all of this info and made valuable connections that I believe caused, in some small part, Cruz’s withdrawal from the race not 1 week later. (Read Thegodofrage’s blog here!)

Then of course we have Operation Barrel Roll, an operation we conducted ourselves in throughout most of 2016, to divide the Democratic party base between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters.

The plan was simple, yet elegant. Here’s how we did it:

#1: Create a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

#2: Use the moniker “The Bernie Army” and pretend to be pro-Bernie Sanders.

#3: Use facts, evidence and memes about Hillary Clinton to cause fights and dissent within the Democratic base.

#4: Act somewhat cringy so that other supporters of Bernie distance themselves from you, and potentially the whole movement.

Some of you former Berniebros may have been psy-opped by members of the Capitalist Army and you may not have even been aware of it until now, and for that I’m somewhat sorry, but I’m also not for opening up people’s eyes to the truth of Bernie and his failure of a campaign.

And then we have the “Summer of Digital Chaos”. I won’t go into too much detail about these series of events specifically, as it involves a lot of cloak and dagger activities that may or may not cause some people to come to harm, but I will say this: It all started when we learned that Black Lives Matter members revealed in Twitter DMs that they were working with Obama’s DoJ to implement martial law, and prevent Trump from becoming President.

While we’re at it, lets also put it like this: It’s no coincidence that the Black Panther party didn’t show up to the RNC, despite them threatening to do so. It’s no coincidence that the RNC had no choice but to bow down and give the nomination to Trump, in the face of all of the establishment shills that did not want to give him that nomination.

And since we’re speaking of Black Lives Matter, it’s certainly no coincidence that some black folk turned on Deray McKesson, the “leader” of BLM, following us exposing that he had talked about potential down-low brother experiences of homosexuality, and that BLM was secretly an LGBT movement. (read here) To this day, he continues to ignore Capitalist Army members on twitter, and will block you if you mention it to him in a tweet. Try it for yourself and see.

With that, I’ll cap it off here. There is so much more I could talk about, but this article is getting long-winded as it is. I didn’t end up covering another race today for fear of the blog potentially getting stale and/or formulaic, but rest assured I’ll cover another race tomorrow.

As always, I would love feedback and suggestions for new articles, and I want to say thank you to everyone viewing the blog for 1000 page hits! As promised, come April, I will start taking this blog to the next level, and potentially even get a custom domain name! Suggestions for said custom domain (e.g. would be appreciated. Long live the Capitalist Army!


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