Austin Bombings – False Flag?

I want to shake things up on this blog and bring people’s attention to something very interesting, possibly even dire. As we all know, the city of Austin, Texas has been experiencing some strange cases lately of bombs being mailed to people’s houses. 2 are dead, and others are injured, with the first incident happening on March 2nd, the second on March 12th, and the latest happening March 18th.

The first victim on March 2nd was Anthony Stephan House, a 39-year old black businessman. Little could be found on him publicly, however according to his Twitter account (click here), he was the Chief Fund Advisor for House Capital Management, which is listed as a “shariah compliant” firm. (click here) Could this point to a connection with Islamic Terrorism?

The second victim was a 17-year old boy, Draylen Mason. I can find little or no information on him, potentially meaning he was not the intended recipient, however he too was black. Could this be connected in some way?

A picture of the first two victims, House on the left, Mason on the right:


The latest victims have yet to be identified, however the area this bombing took place in is a more affluent, rich white area. This could confirm the crimes are not racially motivated, however we do not yet know the religious affiliations of these two yet, either.

A picture of the area and its property values (you may need to zoom in the image due to WordPress’s shrinking of the image):


There are some other oddities, too. The area was placed under total lockdown, and as of this article going up, nobody in the neighborhood is allowed to leave their homes until 10 AM. As well as this, there were reports of a second device being spotted in a backpack, which at last reports was attempted to be disarmed by bomb disposal teams.

The device in this most recent case is claimed to potentially have been set off by a tripwire, which would require some very intricate planning, and throws off the “package bombings” narrative of the previous bombings so far. What we do know, however, is that there were various projectiles, possibly nails, in the bombs.

There are various other oddities, too. Why has there been no footage/photos from the scene? In the age of social media, it should be a no-brainer if there is something going down to start filming or taking pictures. I have not even seen a single tweet or post from anyone down on the ground in the neighborhood.

As well as this, FBI and ATF agents are on the scene with the entire neighborhood on lockdown, which leads me to believe they may have potentially confiscated or destroyed any aforementioned evidence (photos, videos) from the scene, or potentially shut down all outside communications.

And I would like to point out a few more interesting things: Is it any coincidence that Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, was present in Austin a week before these bombings? (read here) Which, may I add, is right after the poisoning of former Russian agents in the UK, coupled with the UK potentially starting Cold War II? (More to come on this if you want my coverage on it)

In addition, is it any coincidence that SXSW, the event run in Austin every year, was not only hosting Sadiq Khan, but ended right before these bombings occurred, and had a similar bomb threat happen at their event? (read here)

Not to mention the fact that the families of the first two bombing victims knew each otherย (read here), or that there was a “hotshot” command (which means all officers must respond immediately) over the scanner and Twitter (read here)?

As well as this, the timing could not be more perfect if this is a false flag, as this comes just in the wake of some great shakeups President Trump is making at the White House, including potentially getting rid of Robert Mueller and his witch hunt of a Special Council.

The narrative is also being shaped on Twitter, with many BLM/black supremacists up in arms, claiming it’s a “racist attack” on blacks in Austin, and are blaming Trump for not “condemning” the attacks, which is going as far as the SPLC Twitter claiming it (read here).

These are some various thoughts I’ve compiled while watching this bombing unfold today, however day has still not broke in Austin, Texas yet, meaning I can’t speak to what the situation is. We will have to wait and see until 10 AM and hear if the authorities are going to divulge more information on the situation.

I don’t want to make bold claims, but I think this is a set-up to get BLM to raise up and start becoming violent agitators, like what they were planning on doing in July 2016 before the Summer of Digital Chaos stopped them. If it comes out that the victims of this blast were minorities, expect trouble.

Once again, as I said on Gab, I did not write anything yesterday due to the heat in Australia being pretty unbearable, and by the time it came time to write an article, I just wanted to crash out. I’ll try to avoid not writing in future, especially since Summer is over and done with here.

I’m definitely looking for feedback on this article, this is probably the biggest one I’ve done to date, covering a lot of ground and a different subject matter than usual for me. Please, again, give me feedback below and suggestions for new articles. Long live the Capitalist Army!


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EDIT: I completely forgot to mention a possible link with the Unabomber, Ted Kacynzski, and the attacks he carried out also through package/mail bombs. Thanks to Hoodie/Tub Guy for suggesting that!



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