Ohio Senate Election

Ohio is something of a bellwether state in the General Election, with whoever wins it likely to win the Presidency. This was only re-enforced with Trump’s win, with his victory in Ohio being the biggest margin since Bush Sr. in this state. This provides an excellent opportunity to get rid of another Democratic senator.

Pundits have this race listed as “Lean D”, but I think that could change real quick based on the most recent poll taken for this race between the incumbent for the seat and the most likely Republican challenger to him.

Said incumbent is Sherrod Brown, who has held this seat since 2007, and prior to that has had a life-long career in Ohio politics dating back to 1975. Politics-wise, he criticized Trump for, in his words, “outsourcing to China” during the 2016 campaign, but praised him on his recent tariffs policy.

Policy-wise, he supported PIPA (if any of you were there for the internet protests about that and SOPA, you know why this is bad), voted for Obamacare, and constantly votes in favor of gun control, earning him an “F” rating from the NRA. Most notably, he called the Republican legislature in Ohio “lunatics” for implementing a concealed carry bill.

The favorite to be his opponent is Jim Rennaci, the current representative of Ohio’s 16th District, a position he has held since 2011. He was attempting to run for the Governor of Ohio, however dropped out and ran for the Senate following Josh Mandel’s withdrawal from the race in January.

Sadly, since his campaign page is unavailable, little can be found on his policies. However, I can say that based on his voting record in the house, he has voted for every one of the bills Trump has attempted to get passed, with the exception of the budget extensions. Based on this, it can be safely assumed he will back Trump’s MAGA agenda if elected to the Senate.

There is little polling for this race as of yet, however the one poll we do have puts the race at Brown +5 (click here), which I sincerely doubt is the actual poll numbers (especially since it was an Axios online poll), but in the interest of analyzing the facts, we have to accept these polls.

This is a rather black and white race to read, so I will 100% recommend that the Capitalist Army and the Trump Train back up Rennaci, and to follow him on Twitter to get updates on his campaign especially if you’re a resident of Ohio. (click here)

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With all that said, thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated, and any ideas for new articles are too. Long Live the Capitalist Army!


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