Two years of TCR’s Return

Shorter article today as I have little time to write. It’s now been 2 years of True Capitalist Radio’s comeback, as on March 20th, 2016, Ghost did the Emergency Broadcast, his first show on BTR since May 15th 2012. (listen to the emergency broadcast here)

In that time, we’ve had some ups and downs to be sure. We’ve gone all over the place, conducted political operations, formed an Inner Circle, had a 6 month hiatus and back again, and we’re just getting started. I hope Ghost plans to be around for another 2 years, hell, another 10 years, since we also just passed 10 years of TCR this past January.

Me personally, it’s hard to remember exactly when I started listening to TCR (probably 2013-2014), but I really started getting back into it around mid-2015, right before Ghost put up a message to his followers on Youtube (watch here), which only amplified my interest in listening to almost all of the classic shows and their Radio Graffiti segments.

Many have come and gone in this community, and many more will continue to join. The best we can hope for is to avoid unnecessary dramas, and to focus on political operations we can conduct such as Operation: Spilt Vodka. Speaking of which, it may be entering Phase 2 soon due to interesting details about the Russian Election, details will come soon.

With all that said and done, again, apologies on the shorter article, I’m rather busy with college assignments right now and this seemed like an interesting enough topic to write something brief about. Please leave feedback and ideas for new articles below, and long live the Capitalist Army!


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