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Foreword from InsaneEnergy: This article/information comes from an Inner Circle member, Oflameo. Enjoy!

I looked into the whois information ofยย I would drudge up interesting information because *.us domain names don’t haveย domain privacy protection. In my opinion private citizens have no business using it for that reason.

Since the people running the site have for intention of reducing my safety and the safety of society by disarming the people and making them trivial to raid, I found that it was important to know who was behind the site.


It turns out that the admin ofยย is a famous writer. Sure he doesn’t know he can’t use whois privacy protection with *.us domains. Sure he is getting ripped off by GoDaddy who is using all kinds of up sell tactics on him.

His current personal website isยย . On his website he has hisย nice stowiesย published.


This is a panel from Kristopher Thor Jenson’s Cloud Stories, a graphic novel he got funded on Kick Starter on 2013.

Do you know what else happed in 2013? Kristopher Thor Jenson’s old websiteย Portal Of Evilย went dark. Kristopher Thor Jenson openly owned and ran Portal Of Evil from 1999 to 2011.

He says inย New York Magazine, and I quote โ€œHow I Paid My Rent by Publishing the Most Disgusting Things on the Internetโ€. He made money by publishing the most atrocious things on the Internet, from Gotse, to lady who wanted to chop her hands off and replace them with hooks, to an ordained priest who went into deep detail about his love of having sex with dogs.

That’s right, he is profiting off ofย disgust! Disgust is defined as an emotional response of revulsion to something considered offensive, distasteful, or unpleasant. Kristopher Thor Jenson is disarming your schools and making them unsafe so he can get more sick and disgusting material to write about so he can make more money. He is attempting the monetize the slaughter of your children,ย Just Follow The Money!ย We mustย tell Kristopher Thor Jensonย and any of his comrades that it’s time toย stop monetizing the slaughter of kids!


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