The new layout is LIVE!

If you’ve been visiting our page over the last few days, you may have noticed some major changes to the layout. That’s all thanks to the work of our web designer, Bonbrewedย (click here to check out his Gab).ย I’ve compensated him for his work, and would encourage any of you that would like to donate to this guy to send QTUM to this address:


Moving right along, I know the blog has been quiet for a bit, but I assure you that we are not going to stop. As mentioned in the previous article (click here), I’ve upgraded my WordPress plan, which enables this level of customization and design we were able to accomplish. I plan on going into further detail about the future of this blog in a week as we come close to our 1 month anniversary.

In the interim, I will continue to post more articles about more races, political events and happenings as they come. I hope you will continue to support me as we draw very close to 2000 total page hits.

With all that said, I will have a new article up at some time tomorrow. Feedback is appreciated, and any ideas for new articles are too. LONG LIVE THE CAPITALIST ARMY!


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EDIT: Thank you for 2000 page views! More content to come very soon. Stay tuned!


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