Syrian Airstrikes: Israeli False Flag?

Once again, I will deviate from the usual nature of my blog posts to discuss something dire, this time with international consequences. As many of you know, very recently a gas attack on civilians was supposedly carried out by the Assad regime, similar to what we saw at this time last year. As the dust was settling though, we saw an immediate response of force carried out against Syrian troops.

In the early Monday morning in Syria, we saw an air strike carried out by what was initially reported by Syrian State TV as US forces. The air strike occurred on the T4 Airbase, an airbase that has a Russian military presence. As such, immediately afterward we saw Russian jets take off, heading over Lebanon and into the Mediterranean, ready to take out the supposed warships that had fired the missiles.

However, thankfully, the U.S. quickly denied any involvement in the attacks, quickly shifting blame over to Israel. Immediately after, the Russian jets turned back towards central Syria, and people began alleging Israel had been behind the attacks.

Quite quickly afterwards, Israel began bombing Hamas positions along the Gaza Strip, and at this time I have not heard if the bombings are still ongoing, however at last report they were.

We need to consider the facts in this event. For one thing, why was the US initially blamed? President Trump issued a condemnation of the gassing of the Syrian kids, which led people to believe he had done a similar airstrike to last year’s event. However, this was not an empty airfield like before, this was a strategic base occupied by not just Syrian forces, but Iranian and Russian forces.

Israel on the other hand were the first people to state that the US must retaliate for this transgression, which makes their hand in this all the more interesting. The Israeli Chief Rabbi even said that “Jews are morally obliged to end the cruel Syrian genocide”.

Another interesting component is France, who recently moved troops into Syria, and were also stating around the time of this airstrike that they would partake in a “joint response” with the US over the gassing. Their silence on this recent airstrikes makes this fact, once again, all the more interesting.

Another point is that Israeli media had been complaining about Trump’s idea to pull out of Syria, and even Netanyahu had a supposedly “tense” conversation with Trump about his suggestion to pull troops out of Syria.

And finally, we have to consider Russia’s place in this and their response. Their reasoning for scrambling the jets is questionable, especially since they turned back as soon as the US issued a response stating they were not behind this. Additionally, they have denied the possibility that Israel striked the airbase through Lebanon airspace (which makes no sense as Israel has used this airspace to make strikes before), and also just prior to the gas attack stated that the US was planning a false flag gas attack in Syria.

I and the people in the True Capitalist Radio chatroom have come to summarize what we believe is happening. What we think happened is that Israel had the intention of goading America into fighting Russia, either in a proxy war-esque situation or an all out global conflict.

What we can gather is this: Israel first caused the gas attack, blamed it on Assad, and called on America to retaliate. Trump issued a harsh response, and in response Israel striked an airbase, spreading rumors that it was the US’s fault. Russian jets (and Israel is friends with Russia, just FYI) were quickly scrambled and headed for the sea, likely to strike US ships, as Russia had stated before that they would retaliate swiftly to any attack on their forces by America.

However, a wrench got thrown into these plans rather quickly when US officials, as well as the Pentagon, denied the attack and even suggested Israel was behind it. This caused the jets to turn back as they didn’t want to attack their allies in Israel. Israel then changed their course of action, striking Hamas and Hezbollah along the Gaza Strip.

Why would they do that? My thoughts are that Israel is looking to expand its land, and was looking at Syria as a theater of conflict to carry out such actions. Once the false flag failed, they headed off to Gaza to try there, and are still trying as we speak.

So where does France fit into all this? It’s tough to say at this time, and people were initially thinking in the TCR chatroom that France may have been the culprit behind the airstrikes, but I think they would have only gotten involved if the false flag had worked, hence their silence on the incident.

Another interesting wildcard that has just come to light is Germany’s potential involvement in these attacks. People have noted that the chemical weapon canisters used in the gas attacks originated from Germany of all places. What’s their involvement? Who can say just yet.

And now here we are, waiting for what happens next. With 14+ dead and many more injured, I will be very curious to see the response to this. Within the next 24 to 48 hours, I believe we will see a response and more things will unfold with time. I would recommend everyone to keep their eye on this conflict and to not let them suppress this info, as they have already tried to do so, with it not trending on Twitter at all despite high activity, and the MSM already trying to memory hole it.

With that said, I hope that people dig deeper into this incident and possibly uncover more connections. Watch this blog and watch this space, because this is a developing story with more information by the minute. Long Live the Capitalist Army!


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