1 month on: Capitalist Army Blog Update

Right off the bat I want to say this: I’m not dead! I’ve just been quiet on writing articles lately. Sorry everyone, what with the Syria situation and uploading more to my Youtube channel (check that out here), I haven’t had time to update the blog as often lately. And yet in that time, we have made many accomplishes not just on this blog but throughout the internets.

As obvious by the title, 1 week ago was my 1 month anniversary of starting this blog. I’ve served over 2,400 unique page hits in that time, and I just want to say again that I 100% appreciate everyone’s support. Since 1,000 page hits, we have made many improvements to this blog.

For instance, the new web design, handled by Arbiter (you can check out his social media on the about page, link below). Said web design has done a great job, reaching so far as to have his custom banner displayed on Ghost’s own blog, ghost.report. To see such a thing is incredible, and I want to thank him for his amazing work here on this blog.

Another thing I’d like to discuss is, as previously mentioned, my Youtube channel. As some of you may know by now, bmar896 has had his Ghost uploads completely taken down due to community strikes by Youtube. He says he will re-upload his videos soon, however in that time I’ve taken up the mantle of uploading Ghost clips.

I will continue to upload more TCR clips in the coming days and weeks, and potentially when the show comes back in a few weeks I will begin making my own edits of TCR uploads, potentially making myself a new uploader in this community. This is all preliminary of course, I have to see how the new show format will pan out and if that will facilitate me doing such a thing, not to mention my somewhat busy schedule as of late with college and the like.

I want to say again that I appreciate everyone’s support on this blog and hope you will all continue to join me in the weeks, months and (hopefully) years to come. This is a capitalist revolution, it has been sparked by Donald Trump, the greatest president of all time, and we need to carry that revolution into the 2018 midterms.

With all that said, that’s it from me for now. Once again, I appreciate any and all feedback, new ideas for articles are appreciated, and if you need to get into contact with me for whatever reason, do not hesitate to do so. Long live the Capitalist Army!


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