Michigan’s 8th District Analysis

Feeling inspired after our success in Arizona’s 8th District (read my article on that race here),ย I’m back and ready to write some more! I’ll explain why I’ve been a bit more quiet on articles at the end of the page, but for now, let’s get to the race.

Michigan was one of the many swing states that sealed the 2016 election for Trump, getting us to 306 electoral points, and being hotly contested for weeks with recounts after the election, prolonging and obstructing our victory temporarily. However, the Democrats believe they can make headway in some areas of this state, including this seat, with it being listed by pundits as “Lean Republican”. I’m going to take a look at this race and where the candidates stand.

This seat is currently held by Mike Bishop, the only Republican candidate on the ballot. He has held this seat since 2014. Policy-wise, he seems aligned with Trump’s agenda, voting in favor of “Kate’s Law”, a law which would increase “for individuals in the country illegally who were convicted of certain crimes, deported, and then re-entered the U.S. illegally”, as well as supporting a bill which would deny funding to states which support Sanctuary Cities.

The policies behind his 2018 campaign also include curbing the opioid crisis, cutting taxes and regulations, defending the second amendment and being in support of pro-life. He also authored a bill, “The Child Protection Improvements Act of 2017”, which would give little leagues, dance groups, and any organization that supports children “access to the FBI background check system”.

His likely opponent on the Democrat side is Elissa Slotkin, the formerย Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs under the Obama Administration. Policy-wise, she is for “common sense gun regulation” (AKA the restriction of the Second Amendment), supporting the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, criticized the President’s tax bill that was passed in 2017, and supports a “bi-partisan reform” of Obamacare.

The reason I refer to her as the “likely opponent”, is that she is not unopposed in her Democratic primary, but hypothetical polls have Bishop matched up against her. If, for whatever reason her challenger, Chris Smith, wins the primary instead, I will return to this race to cover it further.

Moving on to polls, the latest poll taken by Target Insyght (read here) has a hypothetical vote between Bishop and Slotkin at 45% Bishop, 39% Slotkin, and 16% Undecided. With that and the “Lean Republican” pundit prediction in mind, as long as we energize the Republican base to turn out, we can hold this seat.

That’ll do it for this article, but I want to quickly say that the reason I have not been writing lately is not for lack of motivation or ideas, but because a lot of races have a diverse cast of candidates for each seat, and it’s hard to pin down one candidate each, as covering more than one candidate requires more research, time, etc. I promise that more articles will come soon when more primaries start happening.

As always, feedback is appreciated, and I’m always looking for new ideas for articles. Until next time, long live the Capitalist Army!


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