Ohio’s 12th District Primary Analysis

Some of the information in this article was helped by Capitalist Army member Darth Hoodie, with this being his congressional district.

Ohio’s primaries are right around the corner, including this upcoming special election primary for Ohio’s 12th District, so in writing this I hope to steer the votes down a certain path to the right candidate.

This seat was previously held by Patrick Tiberi, who held this seat from 2000 until his resignation in January 2018. When it comes to policy, he voted for Kate’s Law, was a strong supporter of repealing Obamacare and voted for it in the House, voted for Trump’s tax plan, however he endorsed John Kasich during the 2016 presidential run, and opposed Trump’s decision to fire James Comey.

With such a wide range of candidates, it is difficult to decide who will end up winning the respective Republican and Democratic primaries, however with the info Hoodie has provided me as well as previous races, I will attempt to look at the likely, or best candidates for the job only on the Republican side.

The preferred candidate for the Trump Train would be Melanie Leneghan, a political outsider. Touting herself as a Trump conservative, she is in favor of defending the border, ending Obamacare, lowering taxes, rejecting career politicians and defending the Second Amendment. Given that this is a seat that has had a career politician hold it for 18 years, a political outsider is just what this state needs.

Her closest opponent is Troy Balderson, an Ohio State Senator who has held his seat since July 2011. Balderson is backed by Tiberi, who forked out $150k on a TV ad supporting him. On issues however, he is very similar to Leneghan, and is in strong support of Trump and his policies, such as the wall and stopping sanctuary cities. The main difference that separates the two is the GOP Establishment.

Pundits have this race pegged as “Lean/Likely Republican”, however with the very turbulent list of candidates on both sides, this race could go either way. For now, all we can do is attempt to select the right candidate on the Republican side to fight this race, and I as well as others believe that candidate is Leneghan.

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In other news, my associate Thegodofrage, who was a primary inspiration for me in making this blog, has just put out an article about Claire McCaskill’s corruption. Check that out here: (click here)ย And of course, I previously covered McCaskill’s upcoming race right here on this blog, which you can check out here: (click here)

As always, feedback is appreciated, and any suggestions on new articles are too. Without that, this article would not have been possible, so one more time thank you to Darth Hoodie for some of the information on this article. Long live the Capitalist Army!

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