TCR is back!

For those of you unaware, this blog was inspired by Ghost of True Capitalist Radio, who unfortunately had to take a short hiatus while he moved to a new broadcasting platform. Now after all that trouble, he’s back and ready to do some more broadcasting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In addition, I will be a component of this show, uploading highlights for every show as it happens. To check those out, tune in to my Youtube account here: (click here)

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting the blog as of late! New articles will be coming soon. Stay tuned right here for more upcoming races, candidates, and any straight political dope I and the other members of the Capitalist Army need to share. Thank you all for 3,000 page hits, and for 2 months of this blog’s existence now!

With all that said, you can check out the show every Monday, Wednesday and Friday right here:ย Listen To TCR LIVE ย And be sure to follow Ghost himself on Gab here: (click here)

As always, feedback is appreciated, and any ideas for new articles are appreciated. Long Live the Capitalist Army, and death to censoring poz-holes. See you in the next article!

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