Temporary inactivity – See you in July!

Hey everyone, figured I should update this blog to quickly explain the inactivity over the next month. As you all know, it’s around that time of year that gets pretty busy when it comes to projects and assignments, be you in High School, College or Uni. This goes for me too, and as such I don’t have the time to be updating the blog.

This is not the end! I’m just taking a break to get my situation sorted and once I’m done with this semester, I will be back and better than ever, especially with the midterms turning in our favor in recent polling. (read here)ย This shows that we’re gaining an edge on the Democrats, and that we can win this or at the very least hold enough seats for a majority in Congress.

In addition, with recent changes in primary races and special elections, I may need to do a second run on some previous blogs I’ve written. As time goes by and more primaries happen, this is inevitable, as the candidates I choose to cover may not be the nominees.

If I get further offers from people to write articles here, I will still post them despite my inactivity. As such, it may be worth checking back from time to time to see if anyone else wants to try their hand at blogging!

Anyways, I hope everyone stays tuned come July, and thank you to everyone who’s supported me so far. Please follow me on Gab, as I will still post there, and listen in to TCR LIVE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! As always, feedback is appreciated, and any ideas for new articles will be considered. Long live the Capitalist Army, and I will see you all in July for the Summer of Digital Chaos Part 2. More operations, more trolling, more memes, more lulz, more articles. Farewell for now!


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