True Capitalist Radio is now BACK and Independent!

Just reposting this with a purpose – Sit tight til July 1st and I’ll be back!


In the day and age of censorship and demonetization, I have decided to make the True Capitalist Radio broadcast completely independent from ANY oversight by ANYONE else but โ€œmyself.โ€ Although Iโ€™m losing thousands of dollars by doing so, I feel this is a proper step that needs to be taken to prevent from being silenced. I have been targeted many times by โ€œtrollsโ€ who now use censorship as a means of trolling, so this has been a long time coming.

I humbly ask ANYONE who appreciates the content to spread it around the Internet, for many former listeners have no idea that Iโ€™m broadcasting again. Moreover, support the show (or ANY independent content producer) in any capacity that you can. Its independent media that will defeat the fake news lame stream media, but public support is absolutely essential to the continuity of such independent content.

I would also like toโ€ฆ

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