Updates on Previous Races

Sorry I’m late! As mentioned in the previous blog post (read that here), the Capitalist Army blog is back and in full effect, and to start off, I want to take a look back at some of the races I’ve covered in the past on this blog, and see what the score is when it comes to these races, and what’s changed since then. Note that I’m only covering ones that have had significant changes since I last wrote about them, which means if I’ve already posted an update about it (such as PA-18, which you can read here), it will not be covered here.

First, I want to start off with the Indiana Senate Election (read here). Initially, I had covered this race believing, with the limited polling data, that Todd Rokita would win the primary, however he was actually defeated by Mike Braun on May 8th.

Prior to running, Mike Braun was a State Representative for Indiana from 2014 until he resigned in November 2017 to run for this seat. The good news for Indianians is that he is very similar in policy to Rokita, being a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and pushing draining the swamp as one of his key running points.

I’d like to quickly re-touch on the Texas 23rd District race (read here), and state that as I thought, Gina Ortiz Jones defeated Rick Trevino in the May 22nd run-off. I’d also like to update the Texas 2nd District (read here) by stating that Daniel Crenshaw defeated Kevin Roberts, and as this is listed as a “safe R” race by most pundits, you can assume he will win the general election race.

In the West Virginia senate race (read here), Patrick Morrisey ended up besting Evan Jenkins, who I had thought would win the primary initially. Morrisey is the current Attorney General of West Virginia, a position he has held since 2013.

When it comes to policy, Morrisey was a part of a 9 state coalition of Republican Attorney Generals threatening the Trump administration with litigation if he did not rescind DACA, which the president did, earning praise from Morrisey. Morrisey has also been recently critical of his opponent, Joe Manchin, for supporting an end to the child separation policy, stating he was “putting the interest of illegal immigrant criminals and the agenda of liberal Washington elites ahead of West Virginia families.”

For these reasons, I believe West Virginians should have little to worry about in supporting him, as he is hard-line on his stance on immigration above all else.

For some more brief updates, in the Ohio Senate Election (read here) and the North Dakota Senate Election (read here), the candidates I suggested would win, Renacci for Ohio and Cramer for North Dakota respectively, were nominated in their primaries. Additionally, Debbie Lesko won Arizona’s 8th district’s special election in April with no problems, all but confirming a safe win in November.

Somewhat disappointingly but also to be expected, in Ohio’s 12th district (read here), Melanie Leneghan lost to Troy Balderson in the primary, obviously as a result of Balderson’s establishment backing. Still, with his strong support of Trump, I would recommend Ohio voters back him up in the General Election.

Lastly, some primaries are right around the corner, such as the Florida Senate Primary (read here) (Rick Scott continues to lead the polls out there), and the Arizona Senate Primary (read here) on the 28th of August, as well as Michigan’s 8th District primary (read here) on August 7th. My thoughts on these races have not changed, but I will likely update again if the situation changes out there.

Additionally, there may be some races I have forgotten, so please feel free to read through the Archive (click here) to check out other things I’ve wrote about in the past.

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this next article, I hope you appreciated it as much as I’ve appreciated seeing the Capitalist Army and the Trump Train go to work in the midterms so far!

As I’ve said, I’m not going to stop until we win these midterms, full steam ahead. Once again, feedback is appreciated, and ideas for new articles are as well. Thank you for reading, Long Live the Capitalist Army, and death to communists!

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