QAnon Exposed: Capitalist Army Investigation

Some of you who have been following Ghost on Gab (you can follow him here) may have heard that we got a hold of who we believe to be the mysterious and illusive QAnon, and I’m sure you must be waiting for answers. Here in this blog post, I hope to share with you all of the information we in the True Capitalist Radio chatroom uncovered this past evening, and to connect the dots so that we may unravel the mystery that is QAnon.

For those unaware, QAnon is a poster on 4chan and 8chan’s /pol/ boards. Over time, he’s gathered quite a following for posting cryptic, vague posts that occasionally manage to be right based on coincidences. I may be speaking from a biased perspective as someone who never believed this guy, but by the end of this article I don’t think you will believe him either.

Recently, our friends over at 0Hour on Twitter (you can follow them here) got information from a follower of theirs regarding a prominent Q follower, Dustin Nemos. They uncovered that he was, in fact, a man by the name of Dustin Craig Krieger. This man has been a long-time follower of Q on the surface, making many videos and even supposedly selling merch based on the Q identity.

Right off the bat, people began claiming he was QAnon himself. I myself was skeptical, so we in the TCR Chatroom began to do some digging. We soon learned of his criminal rap sheet, with him being arrested for crimes such as possession of a controlled substance in or within the vicinity of a child care center, and the substance in question was none other than heroin. In addition, he was also arrested for “Cyberstalking”, specifically giving threats via Email.

unknown (21)

Our curiosity got the better of us, and we decided to call Mr. Krieger at the numbers listed under his name. While the first number was already off the hook, we managed to get a hold of who’s supposedly his grandmother, who put him on the phone after a minute. The short conversation consisted of us asking him if he was QAnon, which he corrected our pronunciation of, before stating he was calling the police and hanging up. By 15 minutes later, when we tried to call again, he had already switched the phone or the number, so as to not accept calls.

Since then, he’s tried to pin these actions on a different faction or individuals, to which I say it was not them. We were just following up on information delivered to us and wanted to check in on this individual and make sure he was okay.

One notable thing about this call however, is that he did not deny that he was Q. This caused our interest to pique, leading to further investigation into this individual. We found posts from who we believe to be him on a Q&A forum (link here), and an investing account belonging to him (link here).

But most disturbing at all was the connections we made from that investing account to a FurAffinity profile supposedly belonging to him (link here). And in this profile, we found the most damning piece of evidence, and one that directly links Dustin with Q, and that was the poetry that was on this account, in the exact same vein as Q’s writing. Just read a couple of them for yourself to see what I mean.

Another connection to make is the username, “xanatos”, named after David Xanatos. David Xanatos is a character from Disney’s Gargoyles, who acts and behaves very similar to how QAnon does, according to people who have watched the cartoon. The character supposedly always has information to stay one step ahead, and is a part of a secret society (that being the illuminati in the show), matching what Q’s behavior is exactly.

EDIT: Upon further investigation, there may be a second character this is based off of,  originating from Star Wars, which lines up with a Pinterest account Dustin has, which lists Star Wars as an interest of his. Something to consider.

Further investigation showed other links, such as a potential gay furry relationship he was in with a now-deceased man (link here) who was apparently run down outside Dustin’s place of work 6 years ago — which was right around the same time he got arrested for possession and cyberstalking, in 2012.

Sadly, aside from some other profile links to Roblox accounts which are more than likely bogus, and a YTMND account (link here), the trail ends there. Still, with the evidence collected so far, I believe this is more than enough to prove at least some level of a connection between Mr. Krieger and QAnon, meaning he’s either a very close associate of Q, or he himself is Q, or he’s one of the many people working together on this whole massive LARP, as Q has supposedly claimed there’s a whole team backing these posts.

Some may claim this evidence is circumstantial, or doesn’t prove anything. But then I ask to those people, why are you believing Q’s posts then? I encourage you to do your own research and attempt to dig deeper into this if you’re interested. We need to wake people up to the real news, to focus on Trump and the 2018 midterms, because if we don’t, if we get romanticized and anesthetized by this fantasy, we’ll fall asleep at the wheel again and let the socialists and communists reclaim the west for themselves.

With all that said, thank you for reading. I know this article deviates from the normal substance of my articles, but it had to be written about. The Capitalist Army will not stop our political operations any time soon, and next article I hope to write about another upcoming midterm race, so if you’re interested in those kinds of articles, stay tuned for that.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, and ideas for new articles are as well. Long Live the Capitalist Army, and death to frauds, socialists and communists. See you next time!

EDIT: The follow-up article is now live! Check it out here: (click here)

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7 thoughts on “QAnon Exposed: Capitalist Army Investigation

    1. And you realize it’s a fraud too, but are obviously a liberal. Hope this wild goose chase for “rape victims” is working out for your group’s image in the public’s eye over this Kavanaugh hearing.


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