QAnon Followup: Capitalist Army Investigation

I’d like to start out by saying that over the last 24 hours, I’ve received a lot of hate for my posts about QAnon, to which I say, keep feeding me that energy, it’s what keeps me going. You know you’re doing something right when people have no rebuttal, no counter-point, just blindly saying you’re wrong. I’ve also received more information from others throughout the Capitalist Army and others throughout the internet regarding Dustin and further possible connections between him and Q, which I’d like to quickly go over in this follow-up.

First, he at last caught on to the fact that it was the Capitalist Army who made contact with his grandmother, which I’d like to say was not our intention, we said nothing offensive to her, and just wanted to verify information that was given to us online. As Ghost said, the police don’t particularly care about one little phone call made, and unless this guy is the new Kurt Eichenwald, nothing’s going to happen.

Second, people have made some interesting connections between QAnon and Star Trek, such as the character Q from Star Trek who people that have watched the show have told me bears some resemblance with who QAnon portrays himself as, specifically pointing me to this video. (click here)

Another possible connection is the fact that the person who played David Xanatos on Gargoyles also played a character on Star Trek, furthering the connection between these two shows, and the fandoms that Dustin seems to partake, or did partake in.

The final point which people have asked me to make is that this individual is very similar to Nostradamus, who made similarly vague predictions and connections that supposedly meant he saw the future. This is one connection people have regularly been asserting to me that Q is most similar to, and I tend to agree with their sentiment, but again, I ask you to do your own research and figure this all out for yourselves.

I’d also like to shoutout 0Hour for giving the Capitalist Army props on his livestream yesterday, and I’m rather disappointed that people are inferring there’s any connection or collusion between the two of us. He simply saw the information, shared it a bit, we dug into it on our own will, and that was it. Don’t player hate for it.

To those that doubt me, that’s okay. But once again, if you doubt me, shouldn’t you be doubting QAnon, who has admitted to spreading misinformation on several occasions? Just throwing that out there. I’ve spread 0 misinformation, just our own honest investigation. That’s it.

Thank you all for spreading the blog around regardless, as today has been the most successful day in the blog’s history by far. I appreciate everyone who’s spread this article, whether you hate us, whether you like us, as long as you’re absorbing the information, it’s all good, and I’m thankful for it.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, and any new ideas for articles are as well. Long Live the Capitalist Army, and death to frauds, communists and socialists. Thank you for reading, and see you next time!

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4 thoughts on “QAnon Followup: Capitalist Army Investigation

  1. [dox removed]


    Also, your investigation failed to leave out some things.

    1. I have no idea what a furaffinity is.
    2. You harassed my grandmother with repeated calls at 1am. She’s elderly and sick and I don’t even live there I was visiting for the 4th and she woke me up afraid.
    3. Your friend 0hour1 is known for social security fraud and pretending to be a hacker.
    4. I love trolls. no one ever does anything worthwhile for which they are not criticized. You only prove my point for me – you cannot address Q so you have to attack individuals that follow him on a personal level. You may have a few people who follow you for shits and giggles – but your time would be better spent actually doing something useful and uncovering real news.

    5. While I loved the gargoyles as a kid, Xanatos there was a little bitch. I got it from Star Wars Qui Gon Jinns’ Apprentice.
    6.You’re not capitalist. You’re just some lonely man without a family or anything worthwhile to fight for. So you try to shit in the punch bowl. Still can’t address my arguments but hey – even bad publicity is publicity – Please keep doing what you’re doing.

    -Dustin Nemos


    1. 1. Your username isn’t used by too many people, and the age seems to link up pretty good to this profile. That, and the poetry sounds a lot like “Q”‘s posts.
      2. I wasn’t the one who called your grandmother, believe it or not the Capitalist Army isn’t one person lol.
      3. I have no direct affiliation or link to 0hour, I think he’s a cool dude who drops some good info, but I don’t know him personally.
      4. Actually, I think I’ve disproved your Nostradamus-esque vague bullshit posts. Your “movement” devalues the Trump Train and all we did during 2016.
      5. At least you’re proving that the Xanatos link is legitimate.
      6. Ad hominem and saltiness.

      So much for you being above it all, attempting to dox someone lmao. I’m glad to hear that this article got under your skin so much that over a month later, you still have to write about it. Your denial is only furthering the idea that this Qanon idea is a fraud.

      That, and you left 3 comments trying to say the same thing, which was pathetic. Stay salty fresh fam, I’m having a good time seeing others tear chunks off you and other people who are pumping this stupid thing.


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