New Jersey Democrat allowed ISIS To Grow Under Obama’s Tenure And Orchestrated Violated ANTIFA Demonstrations.

The God of Rage

A New Jersey Democrat challenging current Representative Tom MacArthur, running on a platform of National Security and Progressive policies, failed to curb ISISโ€™ rapid growth at the beginning of the decade and potentially aided the growth of the terrorist organization, various documents and meetings show.

Former Obama advisor Andy Kim, who joined the Obama administration in 2009 at the State Department, under the management of now-scrutinized Secretary Hillary Clinton, is challenging the 3rd District incumbent Tom MacArthur in hopes of flipping the House to a Democrat majority in the upcoming Midterms.

Kim has a short, but packed resume that he has presented to voters, which included being a Strategic advisor to Obama on Iraq and the then-ongoing war and being a strategic advisor to Disgraced-General David Petraeus and a director for the National Security Council.

However, since his announcement of running for New Jerseyโ€™s 3rd district seat, Kim hasโ€ฆ

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