TCR Store Ghost.Market is Back Online!


Since the Silicon Valley oligarchs are trying everything in their power to stop True Capitalist Radio (demonetization, banned, etc), weโ€™ve had to jump through hoops to monetize the show. But after months of being offline, weโ€™re proud to bring back Ghost.Market!

We plan on carrying TCR, Right-Wing and Capitalist merch on Ghost.Market for all to purchase. Aside from helping the show, youโ€™ll be publicly promoting causes that are now deemed the โ€œcounter-culture.โ€

Moreover, if you would like to be apart of the True Capitalist Radio chat room, then follow these instruction.

Go to my Gab account, log-in and click the โ€œSUBSCRIBEโ€ (Premium Creator) button and follow the directions.


Once youโ€™ve โ€œSUBSCRIBED,โ€ then send me a DM (Direct Message) via Gab and let me know what your Discord chat name is. I will then DM you a private invitation to the official True Capitalist Radio chat room.

Thanks toโ€ฆ

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