BREAKING: Alleged “QAnon” Insider: “There Is No…Members within the Government or IN the Military…Giving us information.”

The God of Rage


A New Development in the QAnon saga has arisen, and it seems to oust the entire โ€œQAnonโ€ conspiracy theory as one elaborate hoax in an attempt to deceive and misinform Trump Supporters and Right-Wing followers.

An Email Chain released on May 17th, 2018, only going viral tonight, shows an alleged โ€œQanon Insiderโ€ reveal bombshell information that appears to reveal that QAnon is a psy-op ran by a crew under the name of โ€œCBTSโ€ in an effort to profit off of a conspiracy and misinform Trump supporters to discredit the Right-Wing of th political spectrum.

In the Email, the sender identifies himself as a former member of the group โ€œCBTSโ€, which was a collection of โ€œnoble and humbleโ€ people who were โ€œPatriotsโ€ at first, before turning into โ€œgreedy peopleโ€ that profited off of merchandise of the mysterious figure.

Yes, there are positive changes going on in our country that haveโ€ฆ

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Alleged “QAnon” Insider: “There Is No…Members within the Government or IN the Military…Giving us information.”

  1. Pfffff….. Ghost totally called this individuals bluff weeks ago.

    And this validates concretely, that the rational voices against the fable of Q-user Anon was just that… A fable… A con-job… A Mere myth of myths….

    How far has the collective I.Q. Of Every human being (That still lives and breathes) gone down since its prime 100’s of years ago?…. And how far?

    These are dangerous times (World-Wide) And No one present on Earth can afford such insidious distractions and clowns like this QAnon Fraud….


    1. Slight correction for the above comment:

      Those “against”, should have been a: Those for the Q fable, were propagators of… Just that… A Fable, a con-job, a mere myth of “myths”…


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