Ocasio-Cortez is the Poster-Child For Millennial Ego and Ignorance


The โ€œfutureโ€ of the Democrat party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been making the media rounds and touring the country touting her โ€œSocialistโ€ views while stumping for Democrat nobodies. What have we learned since Ocasio-Cortez beat 9-time Democrat incumbent, Joe Crowley, in the New York 14th district primary? Weโ€™ve learned that the โ€œMillennialโ€ stereotype of being ignorant and egotistical seems to be resonating every time Ocasio-Cortez attempts to speak. Moreover, Millennialsโ€™ perspective of โ€œSocialismโ€ is that of perpetual meaningless leisure (tv, video games, drugs, sex deviance, ETC) which is subsidized by productive taxpayers. Where did America go wrong?

First lets discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and why sheโ€™s pushing Socialism. If one has ever heard this woman speak, it is the equivalent of an enema-bag cleaner giving a lecture on the Biology of the colon; its that cringe-worthy. Below is Ocasio-Cortez displaying what obtaining a college degree at a โ€œprestigious institutionโ€ gets you (

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