Do People Care About Politics Anymore? A Rant about the Capitalist Army

I apologize for the long break between my articles, but I’ve been doing things on a variety of fronts lately. Today, instead of my usual analysis of a political race, I want to vent out some frustrations that I and some other people in the Capitalist Army have been facing lately.

The question I want to pose, and the question that’s in the title is, do people care about politics anymore? I ask this because many people who were of the right-wing persuasion have gone back to doing what they used to do pre-2016. To explain this, I have to go into detail about the history of many of the fair-weather Trump Train members and former Capitalists who have slid into mediocrity or otherwise faded back into obscurity.

I think it’s best to understand where many of these people come from, and that’s from a trolling background. It can be from a variety of sites, but most of them come from 4chan. Many of them who are in their 20s and 30s were likely leftists at one point in their lives, and that’s because 4chan was originally mostly leftist, with heavy edgy commentary, such as racial slurs. 4chan was the basis of groups such as Anonymous, and if you look at Anonymous today, it’s a bunch of leftist agitators.

But where did this culture come from, and how did it grow in such a rapid period of time? Why does nobody ask Chris Poole, aka m00t? Why does nobody ask him why the feds never came knocking on 4chan’s door asking for its servers, when the site had frequent child pornography posted on there up until around 2011?

And speaking of 2011, that’s generally where most of these people who are or once were in the Capitalist Army found Ghost and TCR. And many of them stayed exactly the way they were between 2011 and Ghost’s eventual return in 2016. There are some exceptions, and I have immense respect for those people and correspond with many of them in the Inner Circle. However others, while bettering themselves to a degree in 2016, fell back into mediocrity in 2017 and 2018.

Getting back on track and not too far ahead of myself, 2015 and especially 2016 was a year where we did great things as a political movement, under the Trump Train banner. No matter how extreme or moderate, we all came together under the idea of making not just America great again, but making western civilization great again and sparking a Capitalist Revolution across the world.

And that showed through our actions in 2016! We in the Capitalist Army conducted so many political operations throughout that year (you can read about them here), and accomplished so much as we and the Trump Train paved our way towards the White House. And in the end, we succeeded. And I remember vividly, in the Inner Circle chatroom, the day President Trump was inaugurated. And everyone was so proud, so excited, that they had never felt victory like this before. And it was beautiful.

But then everyone went back to the video game playing, anime/cartoon watching, jerking off to hentai losers they were before 2016. I’ll admit that even I slid into mediocrity, though never to the degree of most tards. And it cost me in the end, I lost my Inner Circle slot for many months. But instead of crying and bitching about bad decisions in my life, I went out and made things happen.

And over the last year since the day I was banned from the IC, I’ve bettered myself in so many ways. And eventually all that hard work paid off, and I earned my way back into the IC by rebuilding the trust and faith that was lost in me all those months ago, with those I had let down within the group. But I wasn’t the only one who had made bad decisions, I was just one of the lucky few to own up to them and try to make them right.

We have many more people in not just the IC, the TCR chatroom, the Capitalist Army, etc. who are stagnant, losers, and who are making no effort to improve themselves. Instead, they seek to bring each other down, and to be aggressive to other people for little or no reason. Once again, they fall back to that 4chan trolling mentality that these people once represented. Only difference is now is there is no veil of anonymity, everyone knows who these people are. Saying the N-word on 4chan anonymously is a whole lot different to saying on other sites, especially when people know who you are.

And the racial slurs aren’t what bother me, I’m not offended by them. The problem is, if that’s all you’re posting, you are doing nothing and accomplishing nothing. You are adding nothing to the discussion. And unfortunately, that shows me and a few other people that these people just don’t take politics seriously anymore.

It’s sad that we’ve fallen so far as a group, when all it takes is just a few of us to accomplish so much. Just look at what we did to Qanon, that LARP has died so fast, people’s heads were spinning. But only a few people want to be serious, and unfortunately that’s costing us dearly, especially on a political front.

I didn’t want to talk about this just yet because the jury’s still out on whether or not Balderson will win OH-12, but just look at what happened with that race. It should NEVER have been as close as it was. How can only 40% of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 turn out to vote, whereas the Democrats can get 90% of those who voted for Hillary in 2016 to turn out? Why does nobody care that we are losing special elections, state legislatures, primary races, etc. or at the very least only narrowly winning them? We should be winning these by a fucking landslide!

But sadly nobody cares. 2016 is but a distant memory now, and unless people start getting serious in the few months that remain between now and the midterm elections, we have no hope of getting anything done in this congress. President Trump can hardly get things passed now with a Republican-dominated congress, and you think he’ll be able to get policy sorted, or hell, the wall built with a Democratic congress?

This is a call to anyone who will heed it: It’s time to become politically serious once again. To reignite that spark of 2016 once again. And I know we can do it, because we have, with Operation Spilt Vodka, with the exposing of Qanon, even if just 20 of us start putting our heads together, we can begin mounting an effective resistance to these socialist, communist Democrats!

But I have little faith that anyone will care what I’m typing here, and many will just return to whatever mediocre life they lead due to poor decisions they made. It’s sad, but true. I only hope that what I and others such as Ghost are doing is enough to make a difference in this political sphere.

With all that said, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much lately, but I’m going to go full steam ahead now that most of the primary seasons have passed, because as I’ve described in this article, we NEED to be serious. If we don’t take it serious, these Democrats will win. We cannot get complacent!

Thank you for reading this article regardless, and I hope it inspires you to start doing things politically, because as Ghost says, if you do nothing, you are nothing. As always, feedback is appreciated, and suggestions for articles are as well. Long Live the Capitalist Army, and death to life-losers, autists and manchildren.

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