New Jersey 3rd District Analysis

With the midterms mere days away, it’s time to for another race analysis blog! This time, we’re looking at New Jersey, a state that is hotly contested in both the Senate and the House, specifically the 3rd Congressional District. This post was suggested by my associate and fellow blogger Thegodofrage (click here for his blog), who is campaigning in this district for the Republican candidate.

Speaking of the Republican candidate, Tom MacArthur is the incumbent Republican in this seat, and ran unopposed in his primary to be the candidate once more for this seat. MacArthur has held this seat since 2014, and prior to that was the Mayor of Randolph, New Jersey from 2013-2014.

MacArthur claims to be “bi-partisan”, ranked as the 44th most bi-partisan Representative in the House. However, on key issues, he is against gun control and the restriction of the Second Amendment, has voted in favor of Trump’s bills and agenda almost 95% of the time, and was the only New Jersey congressman to vote in favor of Trump’s tax cuts in 2017.

His opponent is Andy Kim, a former national security adviser to Barack Obama. This is his first time running for office, as his only background in politics is working under the Obama administration.

Kim’s main issue and the reason he decided to run was his stance on Obamacare, specifically MacArthur’s support for the repeal of it. Some of his other key policies include wanting to make Climate Change a National Security Crisis, and trying to end the “gender wage gap”.

Most pundits have this race listed as a toss-up, with only one, Inside Elections, listing it as “tilt Democrat”. The polls are looking good for MacArthur though, with one having him up by +4 (click here) and another having him up by +2 (click here).

With all of this in mind, the choice is clear. While some rhetoric about “bi-partisanship” may be off putting to some, the background and history of both candidates should show that electing MacArthur will only aid the Make America Great Again agenda that Trump needs to push forward with. As the race is so close, it’s imperative that everyone in this district turns out to vote come November 6th.

Once again, I’d like to thank Thegodofrage for giving me the idea to write this article, and for campaigning in this district. With such little time left until the midterms, every vote counts, and that means everything that can make votes happen counts.

I will be writing several more blogs before those midterms roll around, so stay tuned for more of those! Apologies for not having more out this month. As always, feedback is great appreciated, and any ideas for new articles are as well. Long Live the Capitalist Army!

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