Andrew Gillum Campaign Exposed!


How is Florida supporting an incompetent, criminalistic liar in Andrew Gillum? What does this say about the population of Florida? Aside from being investigated by the FBI, Andrew Gillumโ€™s governor campaign has been exposed by Project Veritas for being disingenuous (to say the least) on his true intentions for Florida. In the video below, Gillum campaign staffer, Omar Smith, admits the truth behind Andrew Gillumโ€™s ambitions for Florida; involving racism against โ€œthem crackers,โ€ stirring โ€œthe poorโ€ and outright LYING to voters.

How can ANY Floridian even think about voting for a man like this? Thank God for the undercover journalism of Project Veritas, for these โ€œintentionsโ€ of Andrew Gillumโ€™s campaign were intended to be a โ€œwell kept secret.โ€ It would be a bewildering shame if Florida naively elects Gillum as its governor. If heโ€™s willing to sellout the city of Tallahassee for tickets to see the theater-play โ€œHamilton,โ€ atโ€ฆ

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