Montana Congress Analysis

With the midterm elections a mere day away, it’s time to do another, and possibly final, race analysis blog! This article is about Montana’s at-large congressional district, which is, as the name implies, their only district.

Montana had a special election held for this seat in 2017, which caused some controversy when claims came out against then-candidate Greg Gianforte that he had bodyslammed a reporter. Despite these unfounded claims and a media blitz, Gianforte went on to win the special election, replacing Ryan Zinke as the holder of Montana’s seat.

With this in mind, as expected, the Republican candidate is the incumbent Gianforte, who has held this seat since June of last year. This was his first step into politics, as previously he was the co-founder of RightNow Technologies, a software company that was acquired by Oracle in 2011.

On issues, Gianforte is pro-life, opposes sanctuary cities, Obamacare and same-sex marriage, and despite shying away from Trump during the 2016 Primaries, he fully endorsed and backed Trump during the General Election, and has continued to do so as Trump is President.

His opponent on the Democratic side is Kathleen Williams, a former Montana state congress member from 2011 up until 2017, representing both the 65th and 61st district.

Policy-wise, Williams was quick to bring up restricting the Second Amendment right after the Parkland High School shooting, stated that Trump’s tax plan was “fiscally irresponsible”, wants the US to re-enter the Paris Accord, and claims to want to end the “wage gap”.

Polls have the race locked up tight, with two polls last month having both Gianforte up +3 (click here), and Williams up +1 (click here). Pundits however have this race listed as either “Lean” or “Likely” Republican, showing a stark contrast to the tight polls.

With all that said, and with the previous memories of the controversy the media attempted to drum up about Gianforte before the 2017 Special Election, the choice is clear to further the Make America Great Again policy, and that’s to vote for Gianforte on November 6th.

And with that, this will likely mark the last race analysis blog I make, at least for a long time. I want to thank everyone who’s stuck by this blog for the past 9 months or so, and I encourage you all to stay tuned. I will write something after the midterms as a post-mortem depending on how they go, and then I’ll decide what’s next for this blog.

Until then though, feedback on these articles are greatly appreciated, and any ideas for new ones are as well. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Arbiter/Bonbrewed for donating 1 QTUM to this blog, you and everyone else who donates are what keep independent media alive. Thank you all for reading, Long Live the Capitalist Army, and make sure to vote on Tuesday! See you then!

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