TCR is over: End of the Capitalist Army Blog

Well folks, it is over. Ghost has made his plans to leave the internet, seemingly for good this time, leaving the remainder of his listeners high and dry, so to speak.

I’ll keep this brief, seeing as how I already made my thoughts clear in a pastebin released on my Gab and Twitter (which you can read here), and I’d just like to say that, as there is no “Capitalist Army” anymore, there is no longer a point to this blog’s existence anymore.

In addition, I was planning on making a post-mortem to analyse the results of the midterm elections, as that was another part of this blog’s existence, however this sad display in states like Florida, Arizona, Georgia, etc. show me that I’ll be waiting a while if I want to make a conclusive analysis.

I implore all those who follow my blog to take this one last recommendation from me, and in the upcoming Mississippi Senate special election, vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith come November 27th. That’ll be the final race of this midterm elections, and hopefully the one that solidifies our victories in the Senate.

On the subject of my personal future, I have been regularly uploading content to Youtube, mostly True Capitalist Radio clips, and I plan to continue for as long as I have the time to spare, and content to upload. So please, stay subscribed for more! (click here)

I want to say that, for me personally, this blog has been an interesting experience. No matter our differences, I would still like to thank Ghost for inspiring me to create this blog, and I hope I made some sort of a difference in these elections. And who knows? Maybe the blog will continue on, one day.

Thank you for supporting this blog for as long as it’s been around, and thank you for 2 and a half years of great memories on True Capitalist Radio. It’s been real. And thank you to all who donated, or suggested ideas for articles. Long Live the Capitalist Army, and goodbye.



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