Hi! I’m InsaneEnergy, and I run this blog. I’m a guy from Australia just trying to find my footing in the world, and I decided with writing being a hobby of mine, as well as my interest in politics and Ghost’s influence, I would start this blog. This blog has operated since March 7th, 2018. Follow me here:

Twitter:ย https://twitter.com/InsaneEnergy2

Gab:ย https://gab.ai/InsaneEnergy

Youtube:ย https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvRufi_YODfgIsGjtaVH0oA

This blog was inspired by Ghost of True Capitalist Radio. Ghost is a businessman from Texas who has hosted True Capitalist Radio since January 2008, and continues to air it to this day. His direct influence was part of my inspiration to do this blog. Members of his chatroom and the Inner Circle are, on occasion, guest contributors to this blog.

Follow him on Gab here:ย https://gab.ai/politicsghost

Check out archived shows of True Capitalist Radio here:ย http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghost

And follow the show LIVE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30-9:30 PM CST here:ย https://ghost.report/listen-to-tcr-live/

This blog was also inspired by Trumping Capitalist/Thegodofrage, another independent blogger who also inspired this blog’s creation, in a way thanks to his inactivity throughout 2017.

Follow his blog here:ย https://thegodofrage.wordpress.com/

And follow his Twitter here:ย https://twitter.com/thegodofrage2

Web Design on this blog was handled by ฮ’onbrewed, including the profile pic for this site that was featured on one of bmar896’s Radio Graffiti uploads.

Follow him on Gab here:ย https://gab.ai/Bonbrewed

Or check out his Youtube page here:ย https://www.youtube.com/bonbrewed