Montana Congress Analysis

With the midterm elections a mere day away, it’s time to do another, and possibly final, race analysis blog! This article is about Montana’s at-large congressional district, which is, as the name implies, their only district.

Updates on Previous Races

Sorry I’m late! As mentioned in the previous blog post (read that here), the Capitalist Army blog is back and in full effect, and to start off, I want to take a look back at some of the races I’ve covered in the past on this blog, and see what the score is when it comes to these races, and what’s changed since then.

Texas 23rd District Analysis

Despite Trump winning the state in spades, Texas’s 23rd District went in favor of Hillary Clinton during the election. However, the incumbent representative for the district is a Republican, and Romney won said district in 2012 by 1 point. This indicates a very divided district, as evidenced by many pundit’s predictions of either “Toss-Up” or “Lean Republican”.