EDIT 6/8/18:ย Another method you can help support me is by installing Honeyminer, which is a new Bitcoin miner that I was introduced to. The main draw of this miner is making it reasonable for even low-end PCs and laptops to mine crypto. I’m not being paid directly to say this, however by clicking this referral link, you’ll not only get 1000 free Satoshis to start out, you’ll also be helping me as 10% of the fee you pay to Honeyminer goes back to me. So start yourself out mining today, and sign up using this link:ย

I’m actually a college student full-time when not writing for this blog, so any donations would help to keep this thing going. Now, this is not a mandatory thing where I’m going to lock content behind a paywall at any point, or me begging for money and withholding content otherwise, but it’s a matter of giving back to people putting in effort. So while you don’t have to, I would greatly appreciate anything you can spare.

I only take donations in crypto at this time (mostly for privacy concerns).



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