Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Ford Donated to Clinton Campaign and DNC; Is Daughter of CIA Operative and VP of Security.

The God of Rage

Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Ford had allegedly donated to the Clinton Campaign using two separate location, potentially in violation of FEC laws, FEC donation documents show, in addition to her brother working for the CIA for numerous years.

Christine Ford, a California Psychologist and Professor at Stanford University, came out on Sunday after Feinstein revealed a letter by the woman days earlier about an alleged sexual assault that had happened 35 years ago at a Maryland college party.

The letter detailed, from Mrs. Fordโ€™s perspective, about how Kavanaugh allegedly forced her onto a bed, laid on her before several other men in the room dog-piled onto her, before escaping the house and fleeing. CNN also obtained the letter in full, which also went into a little more detail about the incident:

At one point when REDACTED jumped onto the bed the weight on me was substantial. The pile toppledโ€ฆ

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