TCR is over: End of the Capitalist Army Blog

Well folks, it is over. Ghost has made his plans to leave the internet, seemingly for good this time, leaving the remainder of his listeners high and dry, so to speak.


Updates on Previous Races

Sorry I’m late! As mentioned in the previous blog post (read that here), the Capitalist Army blog is back and in full effect, and to start off, I want to take a look back at some of the races I’ve covered in the past on this blog, and see what the score is when it comes to these races, and what’s changed since then.

The Capitalist Army Blog is BACK!

As promised, it’s now July, and that means I’m back, and the Capitalist Army blog is back! Over the last month or so I’ve been quiet, we’ve had some interesting political developments, some good and some bad, as well as some midterm primaries, mostly playing out how I expected, and some are beyond disgusting, such as seeing New York nominate a socialist for a representative seat.